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Dental Implants: Your Long-Term Solution to Missing Teeth

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Proven Tooth Replacement for a Beautiful Smile

If you are concerned about missing teeth and have lost your confidence because of gaps and spaces in your smile, talk to us about the benefits of dental implants. Our doctors have extensive experience performing tooth restoration procedures with dental implants and can rebuild your smile with a natural-looking solution. Prevent bone loss and feel confident when you smile with our custom dental implant procedures.

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The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants continue to be the treatment of choice for patients with missing teeth because of their high success rate and natural-looking results. Some of the key benefits of implants include:

  •  Custom made to look like your real teeth
  • Permanent results
  • Fused to the jaw bone which prevents bone loss
  • Restores one or more teeth
  • Can be combined with dentures
  • TeethToday ProArch® procedure for results today
  • Boosts confidence
  • Improves overall appearance of the smile

Complementary Tooth Replacement Procedures

We can replace any tooth with a dental implant and also use dental implants as support for the TeethToday ProArch® system, where a number of implants are attached to a fixed prosthesis. If you currently wear dentures and want a more secure fit, we can attach your dentures to a set of dental implants placed in different areas of the jaw. These implants work as a foundation to support the dentures, preventing the dentures from shifting and moving throughout the day.

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Dental Implants Nashville, TN

Before and Afters

Before After
Dental Implant Case 1
Before After
Dental Implant Case 2

Restore Your Smile the Easy Way

Let us restore a single missing tooth or several missing teeth with dental implants. Dental implants are a permanent and versatile option for patients with missing teeth and could be just what you need to restore your smile. Schedule your consultation at Periodontal and Implant Associates of Middle Tennessee today!

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The Proof is in Our Patients

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Dental Implants Nashville, TN
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Dental Implants Nashville, TN

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