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Gum Grafting: Your Comprehensive Solution to Gum Recession

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Dr. Meister Talks About Gum Grafting
Gum Graft Nashville, TN

Rebuild Your Smile

If you’ve been hiding your smile because of a receding gum line, or suffered from periodontal disease, talk to us about gum grafting. Our experienced team of doctors can rebuild the gum line using either your own tissue or donor materials to re-balance the look and health of your smile. Many patients who have lost gum tissue because of gum disease or an injury to the mouth experience sensitivity or notice teeth that appear longer than others. You will notice a change in your smile and can look forward to even-looking gums

Benefits of a Gum Graft

Lost gum tissue not only takes away from the quality of your smile but also puts you at risk for oral health problems. Since the gums act as a barrier to protect your teeth, you may be more susceptible to gum disease, sensitivity and tooth loss. With gum grafting you can expect:

  • A more balanced gum-line
  • Reduced risk of gum disease and tooth loss
  • Less sensitivity
  • In-office procedure
  • Performed by an experienced doctor

Before and Afters

Undergoing Gum Graft Surgery

You can count on our years of expertise and high skill level to achieve beautiful results.

In fact, our doctors enjoy performing gum grafts and have a strong track record of success with this procedure. We can perform a gum graft under local anesthesia and take extra steps to make sure you are comfortable throughout treatment. We also offer the minimally invasive Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™) and our doctors can make a recommendation based on the condition of your gums.

Restore Your Gum Health with Gum Grafting Today

If you are tired of hiding your smile because of receding gums, schedule a consultation with one of our doctors today. We can determine whether you are a good candidate for gum graft surgery or PST™. Call the office of Periodontal and Implant Associates of Middle Tennessee today.

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