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Steve Talks About His Experience With PST™
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Alison's Experience With Bone Grafting And Implants
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Holly's Experience With Full Mouth Reconstruction
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Elizabeth Talks About Her Experience With Implants
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Jane's Testimonial About Dental Implants
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Judy's Experience With Bone Loss Surgery

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Dr. Pulliam is an outstanding dentist and person. I was referred to Dr. Pulliam by my regular dentist for a tooth extraction and implant procedure. During my initial office visit, Dr. Pulliam clearly and thoroughly explained all aspects of the dental work I needed while being very receptive to answering any questions I had. Dr. Pulliam has exhibited the same attention to providing easily understood detail and open communication regarding the particular dental procedure being performed during each office visit. As a patient, I believe Dr. Pulliam had exceptional professional knowledge and skill and the unique ability to establish an outstanding rapport. Having had some fairly extensive dental work over my lifetime, of 70 years, performed by a number of dentists, I can unequivocally say that Dr. Pulliam is one of the very best dentist I have ever met.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Dr. Pulliam’s dental and office staff. Simple put, they are fantastic! I give each staff member 5 stars! All carry out their respective duties and responsibilities in a very professional, efficient and effective manner while being very pleasant, friendly and responsive to patients.

While few people I know “enjoy” going to the dentist, I have to say, I look forward to my dental appointments because of the wonderful people that work with Dr. Pulliam. I believe the residents of Nashville and surrounding areas are very fortunate to have Dr. Pulliam and his staff providing medical services in our city. I am certain that all patients have and will receive the same or similar quality of care and attention that I have received while undergoing dental work.

Many thanks to Dr. Pulliam and his staff!